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College & Peer Pressure

  College students have been at school for nearly a month now, meaning they have had some time to acclimate to the college life. As a recent grad, I am fully aware of the demands and expectations of being a college student. Unfortunately, it’s not all about the academics, but also the social aspect. You’re… Continue reading College & Peer Pressure


My Journey: Self Love

As a young woman in her mid-20s (I can’t believe I actually qualify as that), I’ve found that it’s difficult to escape all the judgment and expectations of those around me. From Victoria’s Secret models to beautiful women on Instagram, it feels like there is a lot to live up to. Sometimes it’s hard to… Continue reading My Journey: Self Love

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My Concert Experience: The Perks of a Positive Mindset

Happy Sunday, friends! I hope everyone is spending their day how they’d like. I am taking today to relax after a long night yesterday! As a Father’s Day gift, my mom and I bought Rascal Flatts tickets for my dad back in June. This was quite the experience for many reasons. The first is that… Continue reading My Concert Experience: The Perks of a Positive Mindset