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A Beginner’s Guide to Instagram Photography

As a blogger who has finally begun to discover the secrets to a great Instagram feed, I felt the need to come up with a list of tips I wish I’d had when I first started. Some of them I’ve picked up here and there, others I’ve learned from photography classes. If you’ve been struggling with creating a more cohesive feed, I hope these seven tips help you out!

  1. Natural light

When you’re taking photos inside, natural light is always the best. It doesn’t over-expose your photos like a lamp might. Find a space near a window that you can work with!

  1. Cloudy weather conditions

If you want to take your photography outside, avoid super sunny days! The sun basically has the same effect as the lamp does. Cloudy days are the best – they give just enough light so that you don’t look shiny, but your photos come in clear and even.

  1. Camera quality

I currently own an iPhone 6, but even that doesn’t give me clear photos that I’d like sometimes. Luckily, I do have a Nikon camera to use when my iPhone just isn’t enough! The camera may be more work, but ultimately, the photos look so much better. Take a look below. The left is a photo I took on my phone, while the right is a photo taken on my camera in the same weather conditions. The left photo isn’t as clear and the colors aren’t as even as the right photo. I’m not saying to go out and buy a couple-hundred dollar camera, but if you have one already, it comes in handy!

  1. Tripods and self-timers

These two things will be your best friends! 99% of my photos are taken by me. I just set up my tripod, plop my camera or phone on it (it’s great because it’s adaptable for either one!) and set the self-timer to ten seconds! Wah-lah! Being my own photographer means that 1) I don’t have to bother anybody else, and 2) I can be as picky as I want with my photos and not feel bad about asking someone to continue to take the same picture over and over again.

  1. Backgrounds

The background of your photo is super important. I have taken so many photos where everything will be perfect except that my background is too busy or it looks like I have a branch sticking out of my head. As I’m fine-tuning my Instagram feed, I’m realizing that I love the light look, so most of my photos now have a white or a lighter background. If they don’t, typically a focus in my photo is lighter so you still get that vibe.

  1. Content

Personally, I think it’s great when a feed varies in the way that photos are staged. For example, a bunch of photos of you in front of a white wall will look very nice and cohesive; but adding a flat lay or even a photo of you with a different background or angle switches it up and keeps your followers on their toes!

  1. Filters

Using filters is a personal choice. At first, I wasn’t a fan until I created my own recipe using VSCO, a free photo-editing app. You can spend money on certain filters if you’d like, but you don’t have to – they have free ones every once in a while. Filters don’t have to make your photo look completely different – they just add a little more consistency. Sometimes photos are darker than you intend – just edit the exposure a little, maybe slap a filter on it. Once you use the same filter on a few of your Instagram photos, you begin to see how much more cohesive your feed looks!



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