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My Favorite Binge-Worthy Netflix Shows

It’s Tuesday, which means new blog post! Recently, I’ve had trouble deciding what to watch next on Netflix. So, what do I do? Write a blog post on some of my favorites! These are all pretty well-known, but I understand that some people have their reservations about starting shows. If you were looking for a sign to start one of these shows, this is it! Some of them may only have one or two seasons, while others will give you season after season after season of quality binging! Let’s begin the countdown, friends…

  1. Fuller House

If you’re a fan of Full House, this is definitely a must-watch show! The original cast returns for the same family fun and it still teaches some great lessons.

  1. Criminal Minds

There are definitely plenty of seasons to binge for this show! If you like cop shows, this is for you! And if you don’t like cop shows, this is for you too! Seriously… I am not a fan of cop shows, but I love me some Criminal Minds. The characters have undeniable chemistry and each episode keeps you coming back for more.

  1. Grey’s Anatomy

I didn’t hop onto the Grey’s bandwagon until three years ago, but I took my binge-watching seriously. I finished eleven seasons in two and a half months. Funny enough, I only started watching because I’d heard that a certain character died in season 11. So, I watched all those seasons knowing that one moment would happen. I was still shocked though… That’s how you know it’s still an amazing show.

  1. Riverdale

I love the retro, mysterious vibes this show gives off. If you like Pretty Little Liars, this show is a million times better because while it holds you in suspense, you’re not waiting two seasons for them to tell you when you’ve already forgotten it happened at that point! This show may only have two seasons, but it’s still binge-worthy. I fell in love with it last summer and couldn’t wait for the second season. Now I’m pumped for a third!

  1. Black Mirror

If you are into conspiracy theories, you’ll fly through this show in a heartbeat. My boyfriend introduced me to Black Mirror, and while I did start watching it with him, I quickly began watching it on my own at home because I couldn’t wait until the next time he and I would watch. It also keeps your attention with each episode having its own scenario. You never know what to expect!

  1. American Horror Story

American Horror Story is the horror version of Black Mirror. Instead of individual episodes having different scenarios, each AHS season is in its own time, but they’re still all connected! It makes binging worth it because it’s so much easier keeping an eye out for connections when you just saw season one last week and now you’re on season five!

  1. Stranger Things

Like Riverdale, this show only has two seasons, but they sure are two amazing seasons! The 80’s aesthetic plus the strange things (ha, get it?) going on make this show absolutely addicting. It’s unlike anything else on tv and I love it.

  1. Bates Motel

You guys are probably starting to realize I really like creepy suspenseful shows, but they’re all so different so it’s okay, right? Bates Motel is about as creepy as you can get. It’s based off the movie Psycho and honestly gives that movie so much more meaning. Binge-watch this show and you’ll learn why Norman Bates is the way he is, then watch Psycho just for the fun of it!

  1. Friends

A little break from all the creepy suspenseful stuff – whew! If you haven’t at least heard of Friends, you definitely need to get on Netflix and start watching now. My parents used to watch it when I was a kid, but last fall I finally gave in and watched it. Best decision ever! Everyone needs a little comedic relief in their life and Friends has the perfect recipe for it. Plus, the episodes are only like 25 minutes long so you’ll fly through this show in weeks!

  1. The Vampire Diaries/The Originals

I had to combine these two because The Originals branched from The Vampire Diaries, and you can’t have one without the other. If I’m correct, TVD is the only show on this list that I watched from the very beginning when it first aired on tv. I kept up with it until the last season because The CW channel was no longer available for me. So, what did I do in all that spare time of waiting for the last season to come out? I binge-watched TVD and The Originals! I’ve binge-watched TVD at least four times on Netflix, so I can safely proclaim it as my #1 spot!

Honorable Mention: One Tree Hill & Degrassi: The Next Generation

I know neither of these are on Netflix anymore, but they were at one point. I watched One Tree Hill two years ago on Netflix and finished it very quickly! I’m not typically interested in those kinds of shows, but I was hooked. Bonus? Hearing “I Don’t Want To Be” by Gavin McGraw every episode. As for Degrassi, I’m still in the midst of binging it! I never watched it as a kid, but with Drake releasing his reunion music video for “I’m Upset,” I had to find it. If you’ve never seen Degrassi, or feel like living in your feels again, all the episodes are on YouTube. Even the super old Degrassi Jr. High and Degrassi High episodes are on there! But I’m enjoying my binging and wondering why I was never interested in watching it as a kid?!


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