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Back to School on a Budget!

With the end of summer comes back-to-school shopping! Sadly, I’m graduated, so I don’t get to participate in all the the excitement that comes with buying brand new clothes. However, since beginning this blog and being more involved on Instagram, I’ve noticed that there are so many women that shop at all these high-end expensive shops like Nordstrom, J.Crew, Anthropologie, etc. And nothing against them! If I had the funds, I’d probably shop there (let’s be real, I just visited Nordstrom a couple weeks ago for the first time during their annual sale and I still didn’t have enough money, sooo…) So, I took it upon myself, as a post-grad woman on a budget to do a little research. If you’re like me, and you want to rock a wardrobe that looks like it is straight out of one of those shops I listed above, this post is for you! I chose four popular clothing styles from those stores and tried to find a good comparison at a much cheaper store. Check them out below!

jeans ae vs nordstrom

While American Eagle may still be a bit over your budget, you can’t deny that they do make great jeans! I typically only buy jeans from here because 1) they last, and 2) they’re super cute! AE’s Mom Jeans easily rival Levi’s Boyfriend Jeans found at Nordstrom. Similar fit, length, color – the only major difference is that AE’s Mom Jeans shown above don’t have rips or tears at the knees, while Levi’s BF Jeans do. But why pay nearly $50 more for some rips when you can easily make your own if you need them that badly? Saving money plus a fun DIY!

jumpsuit f21 vs jcrew

Every woman should own a jumpsuit. I don’t know what it is, but I feel a lot more confident and ambitious when I’m wearing a jumpsuit rather than a dress. Maybe it’s because I don’t have to worry about anyone seeing up my skirt…

Anyway! Again, I chose similar styles for these two jumpsuits. They’re both sleeveless and rock a V-neck style. The jumpsuit from Forever 21 does have a smaller tie in the front and the length of the pants are longer than J.Crew’s jumpsuit. Both still offer a beautiful look, but Forever 21’s option is about $100 cheaper!

long button cardi f21 vs nordstrom

Cardigans are perfect for a cute, yet warm way to style any outfit. Both of the cardigans above are a long length with buttons (and pockets!). Forever 21’s does have a hood on the back, which may not be your style. As for me, I will make it my style for nearly $30 less!

white pocket tshirt hm vs anthropologie

I saved the most obvious back-to-school necessity for last. Everyone needs basics, and who is the leader of all basics? H&M, of course! I chose a simple white tee to compare the two and it speaks for itself. About $90 more for a simple pocket t-shirt! Typically, I prefer a looser fit, so I’ll size up at H&M. But if you’d rather have your tee fit like the Anthropologie option, just size down with the H&M tee!

As a college student, you don’t always have a ton of money, so why not save where you can and use that money towards books or tuition or even food? Living on a budget doesn’t have to be tragic. It’s what you make it!


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