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My Concert Experience: The Perks of a Positive Mindset

Happy Sunday, friends! I hope everyone is spending their day how they’d like. I am taking today to relax after a long night yesterday! As a Father’s Day gift, my mom and I bought Rascal Flatts tickets for my dad back in June. This was quite the experience for many reasons. The first is that it was my first time visiting the concert venue. It was an amphitheater style, and we just had lawn tickets. So, we brought blankets and chairs! What made this experience even more interesting? It started to downpour while we were standing in line to enter! Our clothes, blankets, chairs were all soaked (my jeans were still soaking wet by the time I got home at 2am). It continued to rain for an hour, but luckily, it stopped right when the concert started.

A month ago, I probably would’ve had a sour attitude about the whole situation. I’ve made some personal changes in the way I’ve been thinking lately. When a negative circumstance arises, most people’s initial reaction is to act negatively. I’ve learned that it is important to think about my situation first before reacting. This concert was the perfect time to test it out! Sure, it started to downpour, but my parents and I were able to hide out from the rain once we arrived at the actual venue. Plus, we didn’t slip into the mud like several people when we walked down the hill where lawn seating was. I was still able to enjoy a great night of music and spend time with my family, so I call that a win in my book!

So, if you find yourself in a situation that is not what you expected, take a moment and find something positive! Here is my whole list of positive things I could think of for yesterday! And after reflecting, the rain doesn’t seem like much of an issue anymore.

  1. I tried a new barrel for my curling iron and my hair looked great!
  2. I went out to dinner with my parents, aunt, and uncle to a new restaurant. The food was delicious!
  3. I got to visit a new concert venue, plus see Rascal Flatts and Dan + Shay for the first time.
  4. I made memories with my family.
  5. When my hair did get wet, it didn’t frizz like normal!
  6. My FitBit and phone didn’t get ruined in the rain.
  7. My parents and I bought the third to last umbrella before they sold out.

It’s amazing what a positive mindset can do!


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